Monday, May 9, 2016


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It's been a long couple of weeks that's included a round of hand foot mouth disease for Jacob (miserable) and a car accident for me, and then trying to play catch up at work. Everything's starting to feel settled again, so I thought I'd bounce back with my favorite link up with Anne and Jenna to share a little bit more about life currently!


Our 5 year anniversary is coming up this weekend and I think that’s an accomplishment worth celebrating! My in-laws are coming to stay the night and watch Jacob for the evening so we just need to decide how we want to spend a date night. We don't have any family in town, so alone time typically only happens either when Jacob's asleep or when we take a day off work and still send him to daycare so I'm feeling a little bit like I'm not going to know what to do anymore! 


I’m not actively reading any books right now, but I started a reading list for when I have the energy and these are on it – On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City by Alice Goffman, Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond, and Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. Our main library is just a few blocks from where I work and I used to walk down on my lunch hour if I needed to escape for a bit, but they’ve had a major renovation underway for the past year. They’re scheduled to re-open in June and I’m excited to have them back!


How serious we really are about the potential for Jacob to be an only child. A lot of the friends/acquaintances who had their first close to the time I had Jacob are pregnant with baby number 2 already, but I haven’t even had an inkling of baby fever. Thankfully nobody close to us is campaigning too hard for it (although my mother-in-law recently teased us about it) but I question whether or not we could handle it. I’m already never on time to work and always tired. So I guess either I think I’d crash and burn by adding another to the family or maybe my level of functioning couldn’t get any worse so I’m worried for nothing. ;)  


I’m not picky when it comes to coffee because of the amount of creamer I typically put in it anyway, but Starbucks coffee has never been a favorite of mine for some reason (probably the taste + cost). I recently tried their caramelized honey latte though on a coffee and park date with a friend and I think I’m hooked. I went into Starbucks the other day and they were out of the stuff to make it and I couldn’t bring myself to order anything else because my heart was so set on that so I l just smiled and laughed and said thanks but no thanks when the guy gave me some other suggestions and left to instead spend just $1 on an iced coffee at the McDonald's next door.


Car shopping. :( I was driving a 10 year old car that’s been paid off for probably close to 5 years and I wrecked it like I mentioned above. Thankfully Jacob wasn’t with me, but I did enough damage that it wasn’t worth it to pay to fix it. Although car shopping is on my list of least favorite things to do and it was really nice having only 1 car payment in our household, I’ll admit that it’s nice to have a new (to me) car too.

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