Wednesday, July 6, 2016


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The Currently link up with Anne and Jenna has most definitely turned into one of my favorite posts to do. Even when life gets really busy and blogging gets harder to do, it's good for the soul I think to reflect back on life lately! So here we are again, this month talking about what I'm toasting, going, smelling, wearing, and wishlisting.

The Cavs! My husband has been a fan of all Cleveland sports his entire life and when we first started dating we spent a lot of time going to Cavs play off games (before Lebron broke the hearts of Ohians everywhere and left for Miami). It's been a fun thing to follow along with and my husbands' superstitious ways have definitely rubbed off on me. I didn't even watch Game 7, just stayed upstairs and stalked the score on my phone then ran downstairs to celebrate with him. So much fun and so happy for the city of Cleveland to have that to celebrate!

To Costco! We had a Costco open up right by us a couple of years ago but we had never gone because we had always been gifted a Sam’s Club membership. That membership lapsed and we decided to give Costco a try and I’m almost ashamed to admit how excited I was about it. So far I'm liking the options far more than the ones we had at Sam's Club, but I'm not quite at fan girl status yet.

Fresh peaches! My dad bought a bunches of peaches from The Peach Truck, which is a company who drives around to different locations in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania and I guess you literally buy the peaches right off the truck. He shared a bagful of them with me and they've sitting in a bowl on our kitchen counter and I love catching the smell of them! Jacob and I ate several of them on their own, but I made this mango and peach salsa recipe and it was insanely good. Minimal ingredients and easy to throw together made it just my speed.

The university I work for announced last month that they were implementing a summer dress code that allows us to wear jeans every day through September 2nd. I think I’d get way too bored if I wore jeans every single day, but I’ve definitely taken advantage of the change in policy and worn them more often. It’s been nice to have the pair of flares I purchased a few months ago as an alternative option to the skinny leg jeans I’ve relied on for so many years.

More stuff from The Jones Market. :) I just recently ordered this necklace for myself and then this necklace for my sister-in-law's birthday later this summer, and I just keep eyeing the line of t-shirts she launched. I know I don't need it, but I really think I want this one

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