Friday, July 1, 2016

My New Favorite Must Have

edited olive pants
shirt: Target / cardigan: Old Navy / pants: Discount Fashion Warehouse / shoes: Payless

It’s official, I now consider olive skinnies to be as important to own as black skinnies – they’ve hit my list of closet must haves! I’m not really sure what else lives on that list (maybe I should think about that more!) but I can tell you that I went through a transition time where my previous favorite pair of olive skinnies no longer fit and I had yet to find a replacement pair. I felt a little lost during that time! I work in an environment that has the flexibility to be pretty relaxed when it comes to dress code, so olive skinnies can be work appropriate for me but still have that casual feel that lets me wear them on the weekend if I want without feeling too overdressed. Some of you might raise an eyebrow at that, but let me tell you – our weekends are usually pretty quiet and casual, spent trying to wear out a one year old so the bar is set pretty low! ;)

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