Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Good To Be Home

shirt and jeans: Old Navy, jacket: thrifted, shoes: Payless

I normally cannot stand to wear red and green together (I guess because it reminds me of Christmas?), but apparently I'm ok with red and olive green.  It's a color combination that I never considered before this outfit, but I like it!  I promised myself that I would constantly wear these red shoes in order to justify the purchase of another pair of shoes, so I'm on a mission to pair them with as many items in my closet as possible.

Today I attended the last few sessions of the conference I went to, had lunch with my aunt, and did a little thrifting (more on those finds later) before making the two hour drive home.  I'm somehow exhausted and was in my sweatpants with my hair in a ponytail in record time as soon as I took my outfit pictures.  Now excuse me while I go catch up with my husband and DVR. :)  Happy weekend everyone!! 

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