Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

my "fake Toms" from Kohl's - on sale for $17.99

turquoise and black flats: Target online - both pairs for $26 total
red shoes and white/black flats: Payless - $20 each

No cute outfit today, just my favorite jeans and a Target boyfriend tee.  I'm showing you this because even this outfit is far better than the sweatpants I used to always wear when I left the house to go grocery shopping and other errands on Sunday.  Progress is good!

I've always loved shopping and over the years I've always had an item that I can never get enough of.  First it was jackets/blazers, then I moved on to bright purses, then cardigans, then Target boyfriend tees (the one pictured above is one of many in my collection), then watches.  Apparently now it's shoes.  

All the shoes in this post were bought this weekend.  Now before you go planning an intervention, hear me out, I'm about to justify my purchases:

The fake Toms: Great alternative to the flips flops I usually wear with all my boyfriend tees and cute sports teams tees. (I should've added those to the list...Go Buckeyes, Cavs, Browns, Blue Jackets, Indians, and Wildcats!)  I would've bought the real thing because I love that they give shoes away, but Kohl's sale prices matched my budget.  

Target shoes:  Buy one get one 50% deal online, and my redcard debit card got me free shipping.  This might be my fifth pair of the black ones.  For years I've worn these until they're worn out and gross, then I pitch them and get a new pair.  At $12.99 a pair, can you blame me?  And those teal I even need to explain?!

Payless shoes: The black and white shoes are the perfect dressier flat for work and they have a ton of cushion inside.  The red shoes?  If you're familiar with Kendi's blog, then you've probably seen these shoes in a bunch of her outfit posts.  These red shoes will be my version.  Worn over and over again, a wardrobe staple.

Convinced?  But seriously, if another new pair of shoes pops up on this blog, intervention may be necessary!


  1. Oh wow. Five pairs in one weekend?! They do look like they'll be staples, though!

  2. Awesome shoes! I think that is the part of my wardrobe I need to focus on the most right now. I actually don't have all that many options!