Monday, April 2, 2012

A Little Too Much Floral?

skirt and button up: thrifted, sweater and boots: Target

A look at the print without the sweater

Today was one of those perfect days when the sun is shining, but the temperature is still cool enough to get away with a skirt and tall boots with no tights.  I love it and hope we get a lot more of those days before the heat hits!  About the outfit, about half of it was a thrift store find.  The shirt is a little loud for me, so I threw on the sweater over it and called it an outfit. Anyone else upset it's already Monday again?  Ugh.  


  1. I like that you threw a sweater over the shirt so we just got a hint of it sticking out - it's really a cute look that way! And I love your skirt! I keep seeing everyone wearing that lovely cobalt blue, I need to get something that is that color!

  2. I passed up a pair of skinny jeans in this color the other day and I may be upset enough with myself that I eventually try to go back for them. I feel like it's such an easy color to try brights with!