Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Budget

Old Navy collage


Old Navy finds:  A 20% off coupon was put to good use!

V-Neck Sweaters - These sweaters are amazing and I want one in every color possible. They're so soft and comfortable!

"Slub"-Knit Tee - Mine is actually a gray tee, not white like the picture. I'm a sucker for a gray tee...

Lace Tee - I think this shirt is versatile and will work with skirts, pants, for casual wear on the weekend. And I just love the lace!

Waffle-Knit Sweater - It was cheap and I think it's quite possible that it's the only orange thing in my closet. I'm hoping the weather will stay warm enough that I can't wear it again until next year though!

Other Items:

Black blazer - This was $10 at Sam's Club so how could I say no. Plus it was the last one there and a size smaller than I usually wear so I was all over that. :)

Thrifted Target stock (teal pants, red pants, and black skirt) - I knew I would want new colored pants for work this spring/summer, so this teal pair was perfect. I had actually bought the red pair at Target earlier in the year, but returned them when I was feeling really guilty about spending the money. As for the black skirt, it never hurts to have one more, right?

Thrifted Loft skirt - This was brand new with the tags still on it. You can't tell in this picture, but there's a fun print there.

Thrifted cobalt jeans - These are H&M and I love the fit...I really think I need to remember to head there more often when I'm looking for a specific piece. 

Necklace - I found this on clearance at Maurices on a fun afternoon of meeting a friend and her daughter for lunch and some shopping.

Total = $85.40

That's still $10 over the dollar amount I was budgeting for, but I think I found some great items that will get a lot of use. In fact, I've already everything (and some things more than once) except the red pants and the Loft skirt, but that's mostly due to weather since the material of the red pants is heavier and best for colder temps, and it's just now warm enough to wear skirts again since I just couldn't bring myself to deal with tights anymore! 

One thing I did notice is that I tend to spend my entire budget within the first 2 weeks, and then that leaves me not being able to purchase anything in the second half of the month, so I need to get better about that! I will say that I had an extended break between work and a campus event tonight and initially planned to head to Old Navy and Target during that time, but talked myself into stopping at the grocery store for some needed items instead. Maybe I'm getting better, but I can guarantee that by this weekend you'll find me at Old Navy picking up some tees I've been eyeing! Baby steps... :)

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  1. It looks like you picked up a lot of good pieces that can be styled multiple ways! That is kind of funny that you spent your budget in the first two weeks - I'm the same way, but it's usually the second two weeks of the month because I allow myself more fun because there are no bills in the 2nd half of the month! You are right though, it's baby steps!

  2. You got a lot of great colored bottoms. And whole lot of good stuff for not a lot of money! I've definitely had months where I've spent my whole budget right away too.