Monday, May 13, 2013

My Public Apology

the bride and I - road trip from Columbus to Kelleys Island!

starting the weekend off right

Friday night crew, just hanging out - I'm sad I didn't get a group picture on Saturday!

out for the party Saturday night!

Today's Blog Everyday in May prompt is to issue a public apology. Mine is going to have to be for disappearing for almost a week! This past weekend we had the bachelorette party for one of my best friends and I just got caught up in preparing for traveling out of town for the weekend. I love this girl like a sister, even though she doesn't need another one (seriously, she's a triplet - all 3 girls). It's a little crazy to think that we've known each other for more than 20 years now. We've been through so much! From those innocent days of elementary school, navigating high school, figuring out college, then probably the hardest part - navigating those years right after graduating from college...I'm so thankful we were practically inseparable during those years! It's because of her I met the man I was lucky enough to marry, and without me she probably would've never met the man she's about to marry next month (hey, I'm taking credit for that one - he was my neighbor!).  But I'm back! And with a few days off work even because girls weekends like the one we just had require a little more recovery time than they used to... :)

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  1. Aw, you shouldn't have to apologize for that! I am glad you had a good time, it looks like a blast. Girls weekends are awesome!