Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Best Friends' Wedding

shirt: H&M, skirt: Kohl's, shoes: Target, belt: thrifted
tee: Old Navy, skirt & sandals: Target
dress & sweater: Kohl's, shoes: Target

My best friend got married on Saturday! My husband is one of her good friends' from college and her husband was my neighbor, so I'd say we're even. :) I figured it would be fun to catch up by sharing my outfits from throughout the weekend. Thursday night we went to dinner with the bride and groom and their parents, then Friday was a really fun day spent at the nail salon (I was so thankful for an excuse to get a shellac manicure again!). Their rehearsal dinner was at a well-known German restaurant, so a loose dress was perfect! Their wedding day was absolutely beautiful, with the wedding at a local park and their reception at a minor league baseball stadium just a block away from the park. We had so much fun getting to go down on the field and into the dugouts to take pictures! 

This is the first wedding of someone I'm really close to since my own wedding, and I have to say it's such a great reminder of what a beautiful thing it is. I'm usually pretty emotional anyway, but held it together until the end of the night. During the last song of the night, I looked around and was just overwhelmed by seeing everyone there celebrating a couple that each one of us loves. I'm crazy sentimental, I know, but it brought back the memory of how loved you feel that day by everyone that took the time to be there, and I'm just so happy that they got to experience that! 


  1. What an exciting weekend! I love weddings :) I also love your lace and striped skirts.

  2. I love all the outfits you wore, especially the one for the rehearsal dinner! And I hear you, I got very emotional when my maid of honor got married because she had her wedding at the same places that I did and it brought back so many memories!

  3. I Love all these 3 looks, with the first one being My Favorite. I will feature that 1st look in my blog today so stay tuned.

    Hope your week is going great so far.