Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Finds Under 50

blazer - thrifted: $6
dress - thrifted: $5
shoes - Target: $10
bracelet - flea market: $3
watch - Kohl's: $12
belt - Kohl's: let's say $14 since that puts me at $50?
*(I've had the belt so long I can't remember the cost, but it's from Kohl's, so I'm sure I didn't pay more than that!)

It wasn't until lunch today when I was sitting in the park eating and trying to figure out what to blog about tonight that i realized just how thrifty of an outfit I planned for today. Just for fun, I've been considering a series that each week includes an outfit that I manage to put together for $50 or less, so why not make today the day I start? Although I rarely pay full price for anything, I can't remember the last time I stepped foot in a thrift store, so I thought this could be a good way to encourage myself to be a little more conscious of what I spend on items, regardless of where they came from.


  1. Wow great deals, and you put together a nice layered look for only $50! Nice!

  2. This is a great look for under $50! It is possible to shop thrifty without going to the thrift store. Sometimes sales are the way to go!

  3. Now I'm doing the math on my outfit! I think I'm under $50 if I exclude my watch (which was a christmas present, so really shouldn't count against me!)

    I really wish I was a thrift store shopper, but I have tried a few times and really haven't had much luck. I think I lack the patience for digging through all the rejects. I'm much happier digging through sale racks at the Gap or something.

  4. I love this look & the Retro feel it has. What a Beautiful Blush Dress. And you look like a million bucks for just 50 bucks. I am loving this feature & looking forward to it, again. =)