Saturday, August 31, 2013

Finds Under 50

tee - Target: $6
vest - thrifted: $4
belt - Forever 21: $4.80
skirt - thrifted: $6
shoes - Old Navy: $12
watch - Kohl's: $12
necklace - gift: $0

Second round of Finds Under 50! The week got a little away from me, so a little bit later than I wanted, but it's here! Same as last week, this look combines some thrift store finds with some good sales. I wouldn't be surprised if you're getting close to sick of seeing this vest. I love how vests and jackets really help finish an outfit, and this vest is good for that in these warmer months, but is versatile enough to work throughout the winter too.  At $4, it's probably been my best thrift stores investment and will continue to get a lot of use!


  1. I really like your vest, and at $4! Nice!

  2. I really like your vest, and at $4! Nice!

  3. Wow! I can't believe your outfit rings up under $50! I am a big fan of vests right now. It's taking a lot out of me to not buy every vest in sight :P

  4. Awesome outfit! I have a similar olive vest and I totally love it! I've worn it with a few black dresses before like you've done here - it's just such a great color combination! I LOVE your addition of the cobalt belt. I will absolutely need to try this out!!

  5. I am not sick of this vest - I still want a similar one! I have a jacket that is sort of like this, but the vest is so much more versatile!

  6. I will never get sick of this Vest because I love it. It is the best investment yet. It probably costs pennies by now and you always style it so well. =) I love how this Skirt Outfit looks like a LBD. That's a versatile Outfit right there.