Tuesday, August 6, 2013


shirt: thrifted, shorts: Peebles, shoes: Kmart, bracelet: Charming Charlie
necklace: Maurices, shorts: Old Navy

I have to admit that I wore the same shirt all weekend and I don't feel bad about it. On top of that, I picked probably the coolest weekend we've had all summer to live in my shorts. I'm not a huge fan of the denim on denim combination in the first look, but just truly didn't care that day. To switch it up a little bit, because for some reason I feel like baby and wedding showers call for something other than jeans (although clearly I think denim up top is just fine!), I paired the shirt with some plain black shorts that were extremely comfortable for the 4 hour round trip home on Sunday for a good friends' baby shower. How about you - have you ever worn something two days in a row?


  1. I totally wear stuff more than once! I do it more with bottoms than tops, but I've done it!

    I think the denim on denim look can work when the shades are slightly different. I really like the denim shirt with the black shorts! Very cute for a shower!

  2. Haha you should definitely not feel bad about it! I wear things multiple days in a row all the time - especially if I know I won't see the same people :)

  3. OK I must say, both of these looks especially the Denim-on-Denim are my 2 most favorite looks of yours from this Summer. I actually love the first look. I have been living in Shorts. Those Sandals are too cute also. =)

    And yes, I have worn things several days in a row. Sometimes it happens more often than others and it is never planned like that. Who cares, as long as I like the clothes on me. =)