Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gray on Gray

photo 1 (4)

tee: exact
sweater: kind of similar - I look at this option every time 
I'm in Target and talk myself out of buying it b/c I have something so similar!
jeans: exactsimilar (non-maternity)
shoes: similar

Do we ever consider gray a pastel? Because I went with this monochromatic look for something softer (I feel like I tend to either go for black or brighter colors lately, but maybe that's all in my head) and when I think of soft, I think of pastels. Either way, I liked it, it was perfect for surviving a Friday at work, and the shoes added a little something extra to the look. I bought these shoes as an option for cute flats for our wedding reception, but ended up going with a different pair during that "buy all the cute things that could possibly be worn to some wedding related event" phase I went through while planning our wedding. I could've returned them, but for only $12.99 from Target I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Over 3 years later, I'm still not regretting that decision!


  1. I think gray is a pastel or kind of a neutral. I love gray, it's definitely a softer feel than black. I absolutely love your shoes against this neutral look, fun little pop of color!

  2. hooray for keeping the shoes - they are really cute!

  3. Oh gray is definitely my fave neutral and it totally could be a pastel - it's just so light! And good choice on the shoes - all the colors make them so versatile!

  4. These flats are so pretty! And I really like light, soft grey like this, it's a really classy neutral.

  5. To me grey is a cool neutral but when it's so light then yes it's definitely a pastel and looks great with other pastel colours. Just love your colourful shoes.

  6. I'm convinced that at some point, grey becomes purple or blue, so it would make sense to say that the grey has a pastel feel to it. Either way, I really like the idea of pairing light grey with floral shoes! I can't believe I don't have any of my own!

  7. Love those floral flats and I consider Gray both a neutral and a pastel. It is my favorite neutral color, for sure.

  8. I love outfits like this - monochromatic neutrals are where it's at!! ;) I love those flats as well - the print is beautiful and I think they add a little pizzazz to your outfit!