Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

weekend 8.18.14

Another good weekend is in the books! One of my best friends I grew up with also lives in Columbus and we spent our Saturday meeting our moms and one of their good friends at a good halfway point between Columbus and where we grew up to to do some exploring of flea markets/antique stores. Such a fun trip, and pretty much everything bought was for baby boy. A fun little table that I thought would be perfect once he's a few years old, an airplane for his room (can you believe that it's actually an old cologne container from Avon?!), and the Little Golden Book class The Poky Little Puppy, with the "this book belongs to" section still blank so when we finally decide on his name I can add it for him. :) The table will need cleaned up and a fresh coat of paint on the legs, likely in a different color, but for $20 I just couldn't say no to it.

This weekend also marked week 28 of pregnancy - officially into the third trimester! Apparently a family friend of my husbands' just had her first baby 6 weeks early, so a bit of a panic attack happened when I realized that yes, that could indeed happen to me too and that although we hope it's another 12 weeks before we this little guy, our time to prepare could truly be much more limited than that. Thankfully I already had plans to finish painting the nursery on Sunday, then the reward for that task was completed was buying the crib. You know, totally cosmetic stuff that just made me feel better, but at least I also signed us up for a class to help with all the important things to know when you bring your baby home. Because if there's one thing that terrifies me more than childbirth about this experience, it's being in charge of that precious little life! 

In other good news, I passed my glucose test! Totally celebrated by having stuffed french toast for brunch on Sunday which felt like having dessert for lunch, then letting myself buy praline pecan ice cream and an excessive amount of lemon oreos at the grocery store. Hey, in my defense I hear a rumor that they're discontinuing them and actual tears may be shed if that's true. Side note - is it sad if I tried to do a Google search to check on that rumor, realized that Walmart has them listed online as a product you can actually purchase and have delivered to you. Good to know unless times get desperate around here! :)


  1. Congrats on passing your glucose test! If you recall I was not so lucky on that one! I am not even pregnant but I will shed tears when Oreo discontinues the Birthday Cake flavor. I still can't get enough! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend - what a cool find with the Poky Little Puppy not having the name filled in!

  2. Whoohoo time is going by fast!! Enjoy the 3rd trimester and all the fun kicks that are soon to come!

  3. WOW, what a great weekend and post and yess for awesome baby finds!! I too would love some praline ice-cream, stuffed french toast and lemon oreos now. They all sound great and would satisfy my sweet tooth at the moment. =)