Sunday, August 3, 2014


july 2014
Old Navy:

t-shirts - red and black $10 each (#5 & #6)
gray t-shirt $16.94 - "ballet" shirt (#7)


gray/white striped tee $11.88 (not pictured)
dress $19.58 (#2)


tunics $4 each (not pictured)
striped tee $17.95 (not pictured, but seen in my last post)
blush tee $9.95 (not pictured)


heart scarf $9.98 (#4)
heart earrings $7.98 (#1)


tan cardigan $3.99 (#9)
black & white sweater $5.99 (#3)
gray sweater $3.99  (#8)

returned: coral maternity dress $27.99 (seen in June's post)

July total  $136.23 - $27.99 from return = 108.24

I'm actually pretty happy with my purchases this month. I had a Monday off a few weeks back and finally got to one of the Old Navy's that has a maternity section and picked up some more t-shirts. I really didn't like the look of shirts with the gathered sides earlier on, but now I've realized that I actually like how they're more fitted and really show off the bump. Since pregnancy is going to be the only time I'll be actually looking to draw attention to my mid-section, I figure I might as well enjoy it. :) 

The sweaters might just mean I'm starting to get excited for fall and some cooler temperatures, although I think we've been pretty lucky and had a much milder summer than we could've been having. The black/white sweater and the gray sweater likely won't get any use until after I have the baby, but I had to buy the gray sweater especially because I already have it in a teal color (found last fall at the same thrift store!) and it's kind of perfect with skinny jeans, booties, and my favorite scarf. 

I also felt the need for more pants that I can wear now and will transition well into early fall until my due date. Old Navy online and Target are the only places I had bothered to check out for maternity pants, then realized that Loft had them online too. I placed an order that I just received on Friday, so I'm sure you'll see those items quite a bit over the next month and I'll include those in the August summary. 

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  1. I loved the Old Navy maternity clothes, but my Old Navy didn't have a maternity section in store so I always ordered online. That dress is super cute!

  2. I love that greay sweater (#8) will be perfect for both during and after pregnancy!