Friday, October 31, 2014

"Capsule" Update

october link up

Time to link-up with Anne and Jacquelyn for a little "capsule" update. Read about how I downsized and developed my version of a fall capsule if you haven't seen that yet! So far the efforts made to clear out the closet clutter have paid off. Lots of items for this capsule period (September - November) are hanging out unused in my closet right now, but I expected that. Those items are the ones that because of their fit I expect them to be the first non-maternity pieces I'm able to reach for so I think I'll appreciate already having them at my fingertips rather than put away in another room because something tells me I'll be busy tending to other important business for awhile like snuggling a cute little baby. :)

Having less items taking up space has made it easier to find the items that still fit and are current favorites. Speaking of items that still fit, even some maternity items are no longer comfortable. I even caught my belly hanging out of a maternity t-shirt the other day. Ugh. But the end is near! So here's a highlight of what items I've been relying on to stay as comfortable as possible:

Black ponte pants - Right after I swore I was done buying maternity clothes, my black jeans and black dress pants stopped fitting. I tried to deal without them, but quickly realized how often I like to wear black pants. For something like $34, money well spent. I've worn them at least twice per week since getting them and let's be real - they'll be worn for a little while even post baby.

Olive skinnies - I had such a reliance on my non-maternity pair that I shouldn't be one bit surprised that I've had the same reliance on my maternity pair from Loft. I'm officially convinced that my closet always will need a pair of olive and a pair of black skinnies to turn to!

Maternity leggings - My mom bought these for me early on in my pregnancy. We randomly found them at Walmart and while they've gotten a decent amount of use this whole time, they're pretty much the only pants I wear on the weekend now.

Tunics - Best non-maternity purchases ever. My collection consists of two that were Target clearance purchases (gray short sleeve and orange short sleeve), a dark gray 3/4 sleeve one I've had for so long I can't even remember when I bought it, and a brown H&M one I thrifted that gets worn to work at least once a week. Most often though they've been perfect to pair with my leggings and I typically pick one, wear it both days on the weekend, then it hits the laundry. Extra bonus - since these are non-maternity I see them being long time favorites as long as I'm not so sick of them by the time I have this baby that I want to use them to start a bonfire in the backyard.

Over-sized cardigans - Maybe I lied and my over-sized cardigans have been my best non-maternity purchases. The black one was a Kohl's clearance find and I really wish I would've bought the navy one they had too. Perfect layering piece! The tan cardigan wasn't designed to be this much of an over-sized fit, it's just a Target sweater I thrifted that's a size XXL. I try not to let the size on a tag prevent me from trying something I think can work for me, especially when it's only $3.99! 

So there you have it - all the things I don't think I could live without this fall. A focus on comfort and mostly on neutrals with the exception of the orange tunic (but I have to admit that's worn more for the function of the fit than because I like the color!). I'll hopefully be joining in on the link-up next month, even if first time motherhood happening between now and then means I have nothing different to share! :)


  1. I love my olive skinnies, they are probably my new favorite thing! And oversized cardigans were my favorite thing at the end of my pregnancy and also in the first days at home after Ollie was born too, threw them on over a nursing tank and I was warm and cozy!

  2. It's really a perfect list of fall staples!

  3. You're looking great! Such good variety of outfits even with a limited wardrobe (probably extra limited by this point - I remember when even the maternity stuff stopped fitting...). The ponte pants definitely sound like a smart purchase, and the olive skinnies too. And you'll be happy to have the tunics post-baby as well - so useful for nursing. But you're right - there is the danger of getting tired of the stuff! I ended up picking out a couple of new ones right after delivery, because in that transition between pregnancy body and regular body I just needed something fresh to feel good about. Thank goodness for online shopping while you're sitting around nursing all day :) Looking forward to seeing your next outfits - and baby!

  4. So many wonderful staples, Jess! And you look utterly adorable! I hope that the tail end of your pregnancy is going smoothly and that your little guy is doing well :)