Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Delayed Inspiration

photo 1 (22)

tee: Target (maternity)
knit cardigan: Dollar General
scarf: World Market
pants: Target (maternity)
boots: Clothes Mentor

I have some vacation days that need to be used by the end of October or I lose them. At first I was really disappointed that my timing didn't work out to be able to use these days as paid days while out on maternity leave, but now I'm really thankful that I have to use them because it's given me a really good reason to take a bunch of random days off, making work a lot more manageable for these last few weeks! Monday was one of those days, and when I checked out Nora and Megan's Inspiration Monday post, I knew I had the perfect outfit to wear to work on Tuesday (because let's be real...I wore yoga pants to the grocery store and leggings to the thrift store on my day off!). My version included boots because it finally feels like fall, black pants to make my outfit just a little bit more work appropriate, and the scarf to pull in some color! 


  1. I bet it is really nice to have some days off to rest or get things done sprinkled in these last few weeks! Love this look, it's so pulled together. It's starting to feel like boot weather here too!

  2. You look so cute! I adore this mint scarf!! I'm glad you were able to squeeze in a day off for yourself, those are so nice to have before baby comes!

  3. This is so cute, Jess! I love the mint scarf with your fun printed cardigan :) I'm glad you're enjoying taking a little bit of time off before your boy arrives - live it up while you can!! ;)

  4. Oh, what I would do for a day off. Hope you have been able to enjoy your time off :)

  5. Having to take days off must be nice! My husband usually has the same think happen to him around Christmas but it always works out because then he gets extra time off for the holidays :) Your outfit is super cute!