Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

baby shower

L to R top row: "cute as a button theme" banner to show off the theme with cupcakes and a diaper cake / close up of the delicious blue velvet  cupcakes / cute clothes for the little guy hung up and paper in the shape of onesies for guests to write and advice for me on and pin up

middle row: what my niece wrote on one of the cards they had at the shower for giving me advice / my nephew's message to me in the card that went with the present he and his mom gave me...this may have made me cry :)

L to R bottom row: with my momma and brother's girlfriend / with my niece who discovered her head is right at baby belly height and that he makes a great pillow when standing next to me / mad that I didn't snap a pictures before my other SIL had to leave for work, but with my SIL, niece, and MIL

So how's this for ridiculousness - this isn't my wrap up for this weekend we're just now finishing's from last weekend. Whoops. Last weekend we headed up north for our baby shower and used it as a great opportunity to be home for the last time before having the baby (my husband and I aren't from the same town, but grew up in the same area). The baby shower theme was "cute as a button" and it felt like my sister-in-laws, mother-in-law, and mom put effort into every last detail. We headed back to Columbus that night with full hearts and a full car!

I have some vacation days that have to be used before the end of October or I lose them, so thankfully I had the foresight to take Monday off to rest a little bit. Good thing too, because Sunday mid-morning through about midnight that night with the exception of the time it took me to go to Walmart and drop my husband off at the airport for a work trip, I did nothing but write notes, put things in their place, and washed and folded all of his cute little clothes and blankets. It was almost an obsession, so even when I did take it easy on Monday my mind could only focus on my to-do list, leaving me with no focus for writing blog posts and then no energy for it the rest of the week! 

So hopefully I learned my lesson! It's time to slow down, try my best to enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy (very hard to do!) and rest up when I need to. Which is exactly what I did all afternoon after my husband convinced me that the living room needed re-arranged and re-organized. :)


  1. Aww your shower looks adorable! Take it easy for these next few weeks!

  2. Aww, looks like such a cute baby shower! I love the theme! And yes, take as much time to slow down and relax as you can! It can be very hard, you are probably getting to that nesting mode a little bit, but it's good to rest when you can!

  3. I love the theme for your baby shower!! Super cute :) Washing and folding baby clothes is so fun - I remember doing that when my little cousins were born (13 years ago...but still...). How much longer do you have until he's here? About 4 weeks??