Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dress Challenge

dress as a tunic: Target
sweater: Old Navy
gray pants: Target
shoes: Target

As usual I'm oh so late to a link up, but although I didn't have the energy to document it last week I did use Audrey's style challenge as an inspiration for one of my outfits. The challenge last week was to wear a dress. As I talked about in my winter "capsule" post, dresses are going to be challenging this year. Add to that the winter temperatures and I thought I was going to just sit this week out of the challenge.

But then I decided to put a little spin on it and wear this dress as a tunic, a little trick I appreciated  during my pregnancy. Now this dress was short on me, but a laundry mishap led to it shrinking to the point where there was no way it could work as a dress anymore. It was the dress I wore for our rehearsal dinner and I get a little emotionally attached to items so I couldn't stand to get rid of it. I'm glad I didn't, because it's a fit that has been forgiving in all the places I've needed forgiveness in lately! 


  1. Cute! And so clever of you to re-utilize in this way after the mishap :) I know what you mean about the challenges of dresses and nursing though - I did have to take a break from them this time last year, though I don't wear that many during the winter anyway because I'm always cold.

  2. I also wore several dresses lately and this week I wore a winter bright per Audrey's challenge. You made this dress work over pants. I tried a similar look last September.

    Hope all is well. Welcomy by sometime. Take Care, Jess.

  3. i always loved this mossimo dress but i sadly had to eventually donate mine because it was always just a tad too short. i LOVE how you thought to wear it as a tunic here - that definitely works!