Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jacob: 2 Months

2 months

Jacob was 2 months last weekend so it's time for the next update!

Nicknames: He still gets called buddy and sweet pea a lot!

Weight/Height: 14 pounds 11 ounces and 24 inches in length. Still holding strong at 90-95th percentile for both! I'll be curious to see if that trend continues or if it slows down over the next few months. Since Christmas I've held two other babies, one very close in age and one 7 weeks younger than him and it already feels so strange to hold babies much smaller than him! 

Things we can't live without:  Pacifiers and white noise. He has his fussy times especially when he's fighting sleep, although thankfully nothing too intense, and those two things have helped calm him down.

Things he likes:  Eating, clearly. :) Being held facing out, kicking and waving his legs and arms around like crazy. It's pretty entertaining to watch those jerky movements!

Things he dislikes:  Baths still aren't his favorite, but at least now we don't get the freak out until he's out and getting dressed because I'm sure that's when the cold hits him. 

Favorite characteristics:  He really is a happy baby most of the time and the smiles he gives are my absolute favorite thing! I can't wait until we get the laughs to go along with them. He also still has blue eyes like his dad still and I'm hoping those stick around!


  1. What a sweet little peanut! And the start of real smiles was one of my favorite things ever.

  2. Such a cutie!! And I remember that - holding babies that were just a little younger than Oliver and being like, wow, was he ever this small? Thinking of you today as I know you're back to work!

  3. Happy two months, little man! He looks so serious in that last picture, it makes me laugh!

  4. He does look serious, doesn't he?! I'm not sure if it's the developmental stage or his personality...I'm thinking maybe he's going to be kind of a serious little guy! I think he can be a little bit stingy with the smiles sometimes. :)

  5. Thank you Beth! I left a little early Monday and Tuesday but finally made it through a full day today, so it's getting better!

  6. Jacob is such a sweet little nugget!!! I love all of his serious faces so much!

  7. He is super duper cute. Thanks for sharing these awesome photos of him.