Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jacob: 7 Months

7 months

And here we are at 7 months already (and it's already been another week!), and this past month sure has been a favorite of mine!

Biggy, funny bunny, silly goose, nugget.

20.8 pounds (75th percentile) / 27ish inches (somewhere around 50th percentile)
The length is definitely an estimate - it's hard to get a measurement on a baby who wiggles around so much! I feel like we haven't seen much difference in length the past couple of months, but 9 month pants are starting to look short on him so there's definitely been some change.

Things we can't live without:
Bibs for our little drool monster. We've also had some issues with him having really sensitive, itchy skin so the little cotton mittens go on him every time he goes to sleep to stop him from scratching so much. 

Things he likes: 
Little dude still loves his Jumperoo and tries to bounce like he's in the thing all the time. Also - his crib, finally! Maybe saying that he likes it is exaggerating a little bit, but he now spends every night in it which is a huge relief. Now if I could just get him to sleep all through the night in it....

Things he dislikes:
Sleeping through the night. I've done a really bad job of making him learn to put himself to sleep and now I'm paying for it. Every night involves two wake ups, sometimes three and too many nights in a row of three wake ups leaves me seriously struggling to function. We're working on it though, just very slowly!

Favorite characteristics:
I'm sure I'll be like a broken record each month, but his laid back personality is really the biggest blessing. Leaving the house always felt like such an exhausting endeavor for the first several months, but this month I've seen the biggest shift. Need to run an errand? Take him along, no big deal! He's always happy to go along. 

We finally got a laugh!! And I got it on video. :) This only happened about a week ago so we've been trying to get him to keep doing it with no such luck. He also tried purees for the first time. That first picture shows what he thought of sweet potatoes, but thankfully he's come around to them! But the biggest game changer has been that if you put him in the sitting position he can stay there and usually only topples over if he sees something he wants that's just out of arms reach and he makes a go for it. Now we can sit him down, put the boppy around him for cushion, and toys in front of him for entertainment and we have no problem getting some things around the house done while he entertains himself. 

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