Monday, November 2, 2015

Replacement Pieces

Long tan cardiganPointy-toed leopard print flatsTan t-shirtWhite jeansBlack jeggings (full length, not ankle)Tan jeggingsNude pointy-toed flats

This post is part of a series detailing what I learned from reading Marie Kondo's book TheLife-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and how I'm applying that to creating a simpler, more focused closet of clothing. Check out the "Marie Kondo Monday" tag to see all posts in this series...

Even though looking in the mirror each day should've been a clue, cleaning out a lot of the closet clutter showed me what types of items I've been preferring lately. Jeggings, t-shirts, and long cardigans have been pieces that are part of a look I'm quick to go to pretty often. Most of my jeggings come from Discount Fashion Warehouse, which is a local (at least I think it's only local!) discount store that always carries Express, Limited, and Victoria's Secret brands. My routine for the past couple of years now has been to buy a pair of black Express jeggings for $15 from that store and wear them until they were so stretched out that I needed a new pair, but it's a store that often requires patience and I hadn't been able to find a full length pair. 

So instead I headed to Target and apparently found all but one thing on my list of replacement pieces needed. To round out the other jeggings purchases in addition to the black pair, the white pair replaced the maternity pair I lived in last summer and loved the look of, and the khaki pair was to replace khaki pants that were too big and I didn't love the style of anymore (they were a boyfriend fit, but never fit quite the way I wanted them to). The long cardigan replaces an over-sized one I thrifted and is worn enough that I wouldn't wear it to work anymore. Admittedly I couldn't bring myself to get rid of that favorite though so it's one of the few pieces I kept but demoted to lounge wear. 

The v-neck t-shirt is in a color called oatmeal heather. I had the same t-shirt and I had worn it so much that it became an old grungy looking tee, so that one hit the trash and I bought the exact same one to replace it. There's so much stretch in this tee that I was still wearing my old one when I was probably 8 months pregnant, so if stretch is your thing then I highly recommend it!

The leopard print pointy-toed flats were such a lucky find that I'm convinced I must've been throwing out some really good karma into the world at that time. My previous pair were a little tight but still comfortable when I bought them, but my post-pregnancy feet were not having it. This pair was the only pair in the store and just happened to be in my size. I had even been wanting my replacement pair to have darker tones in them and this pair was perfect. These are currently the pair of shoes I wear most often during the work week - I had forgotten how much I love that print!

A pair of nude pointy-toed flats are the only item left on my list and I'm going to be picky. I still have my old pair (from Target, shocking!) but they're stretched out from being worn so often at the end of my pregnancy and they're looking a little worn. After splurging a bit I need to watch my spending, so I'm toying with the idea of asking for them for Christmas if I find a pair I like enough. If anybody has any feedback on a reasonably priced pair they've like, I'll take it!

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