Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Canadian Tuxedo Day

shirt: Old Navy, vest: Clothes Mentor, jeans: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Express brand), shoes: Target

I work with a really fun group of people, which I think makes a world of difference to how your work week can go. A few weeks ago we decided to deem a certain Friday "Canadian Tuxedo Day" and put together our denim on denim looks. The day was meant to be entertaining, but we were still at work and had the potential to meet with students so some level of professionalism had to be kept. 

While I love denim, I knew I wanted to break it up a little so the fur vest was perfect. I really wanted to pair booties with this look, but to be hones my black pair I was going to wear have a heel to them and I just wasn't feeling it. My favorite pair of flats was an easy back up to with instead. 

Have you styled a "Canadian Tuxedo" before? Share your ways with me please! :)

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