Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Faux Fur Scarf

tee: H&M, sweater/pants/shoes: Target, bracelet: thrifted

I’m not one to spend a significant amount of money on any one item. Chances are good that I scored a deal on most things in my closet, whether it be from a discount or thrift store, or just a good old fashioned Target deal like so many of us love to find. :) When an item is one that I deem a little bit on the trendier side and I’m unsure how much use it’ll get, the chances are even higher that it was snagged at a bargain price. This faux fur infinity scarf is the perfect example of that. There’s not even a brand name on it, I just found it for only $5 at my favorite local discount store – Discount Fashion Warehouse. In the sea of oversized scarves I see online and in my closet, it’s nice to have an alternative style option at hand when I feel like switching it up a bit. I swear my style is becoming more and more subdued these days (and that’s ok!) and the scarf felt like the statement piece that would draw attention to the outfit, so I rounded it out with some of my favorite neutrals and went on with my day! 

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