Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday Look

dress: Old Navy, scarf: Kroger, tight & boots: Target

I’ve loved seeing everyone’s posts showing their holiday looks and kind of wish I had something planned that called for something a little bit fancy because I would jump on the chance to wear something with a little bit of sparkle or some lace. But our families always have really relaxed holiday gatherings and this is even a really relaxed time period in regard to the dress code at work for these last few weeks before our winter break starts (I work in higher education and am very lucky that we get about a week and a half off work each year during the holidays!).  

That being said, here’s my version of a holiday look! Green tights and plaid feel festive to me, and this look is one that shows some effort was made but can still be casual enough that I don’t feel overdressed if I find myself surrounded by others in jeans. Extra little bonus is that this blanket scarf literally feels like a blanket so I’m totally prepared to curl up and take a little post-Christmas lunch nap. ;)

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