Thursday, December 3, 2015


EST. 2015
Another round of Currently with Anne and Jenna!

You all a happy holiday season! Thanksgiving weekend with family really put me in the mood for the holidays. The other night I came home from work to my husband feeding our son dinner while Christmas music played in the background. Just try to wipe the smile off my face after that, I dare you. :)

How good I have it. Our health insurance plan has this program where you can complete different activities to earn gift cards. I'm doing one where you're supposed to think of something you're thankful for each day and while I admit I joined purely to work toward a gift card, it's been a really good practice to get into. A few recent examples include when we hit a rough patch and it felt like my kid wasn't capable of sleeping without me I told myself I'm thankful that my child is comforted by my presence, and being thankful I don't know what it's like to lose a parent after working with one of my students who recently lost a parent unexpectedly. 

Presents for Jacob! But one for his birthday last month, not Christmas ones because that would assume I am on my game for the holidays and that just never happens. 

Cupcakes for a birthday party we had for Jacob while we were home for Thanksgiving. My husband actually wanted to help me make them and my mother in law made her delicious homemade buttercream frosting for them. Both big stress relievers!

The Christmas tree. Last year we had hardwood floors installed throughout our entire downstairs and it was scheduled to take place about a week before Christmas. Due to some not following of instructions by me (which I maintain that I do not feel bad about - my level of function mentality was severely comprised by having a not even 2 month old baby) it was delayed until after Christmas, so we really didn't get to decorate like my husband likes to. To make up for it this year, we put the tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving. :)

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