Wednesday, June 29, 2016

10 Photos


I got the idea to post the 10 last photos on my phone from Anne, who got the idea when she saw Kait do it. I loved it so much because it’s just a fun little thing to do to give some random insight into my day to day life outside of the outfits I sometimes decide to put on before I head out the door for the day. I hope you have as much fun reading as I had putting it together! 

Disclaimer: I drafted the post on Friday afternoon but because I'm me and the weekend/beginning of the week was really busy, I'm just getting around to posting it. I'm a pretty frequent picture taker so there's more recent pictures on my phone now, but we're still going with the pre-Friday round up. :)

So here we go, left to right by row!

1. Trying an eyebrow powder and snapping a picture of the instructions since I didn’t find them on the container – haha! I don’t wear much make up and I’ve always thought that if I only have time for one type of make up to apply then mascara will make the biggest difference, but I think I’m close to saying giving your eyebrows a boost is right up there too.

2. Relaxing on my parents’ front porch, one of my favorite places to be. I wish it didn’t take a two hour drive to get to this change in scenery and company!

3. Jacob at my parents’ house, trying to figure out what it’s like to be able to have space to roam around in.

4. Playing in the fountains at the outdoor mall near our house, sticking close to momma at first.

5. Finally getting braver!

6. With his new favorite stuffed animal, the big tiger he keeps calling “kitty kitty”.

7. A picture of a picture – this is my favorite picture of my dad. Candid shots are my favorite!

8. Hanging with my favorite guy at our favorite bar, grabbing a drink to celebrate Father’s Day.

9. In REI, where his favorite thing is all the bikes! They’re even hanging from the ceiling, which is what he’s pointing out to my husband.

10. I like to organize and get really sentimental in times of stress – the most recent byproduct of that being a re-arranged office, complete with a coloring/play area for Jacob and framing the map that used to live in my car as a teenager with the route to my aunt’s house highlighted for me by my dad. A nice little reminder of what life used to be like before smart phones could always give you directions!

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