Friday, March 30, 2012

Copy Cat

shirt/necklace: Target, jacket: Marshall’s, jeans: Gap, shoes: DSW    

When I saw this look on Pinterest (traced back to here originally), I loved it, so I decided this would be my look to copy cat for this months’ link-up over at Frills for Thrills.  I wish I could’ve worn similar jeans, but that definitely would’ve been crossing the line for work appropriateness.  (Apparently mint green skinny jeans were fine in my book, but ripped jeans are doing a little too much…haha)  This original look is great, but I just couldn’t bear to not have any color in it, so I went for the yellow shoes to fit my personality and mood a little better. 
Since I’d probably get a few funny looks if I wore my jacket at work all day, I found myself a little chilly, so I wore this cozy infinity scarf for most of the day.  Would it have made more sense to unroll my jeans and expose less of my legs to fight off the chilliness?  Of course!  I couldn’t do it though, I just loved the look of the rolled jeans too much to let it go.

Frills for Thrills CopyCats


  1. Great inspiration and I love how you made it your own with the infinity scarf and yellow shoes! I've been wondering today if I need my own...

  2. The infinity scarf or the yellow shoes? I highly recommend both!

  3. Her outfit is cute, but I really love yours! The addition of the yellow flats is great! Lovely.