Monday, September 2, 2013

August Budget

august1 august2

Green blouse - $16 from Target: 

Sandals - $7.50 from Target (link with picture available here

Pink tee - $3 from Charming Charlie

Red blouse - $5 from Charming Charlie

Necklaces - $6.50 total from Charming Charlie

Leggings - $14.99 x 2 from Giant Eagle (seen here)

Total = $67.98

There wasn't anything particular I wanted to buy in August, and I think I did a pretty good job keeping myself in check.  During a weekend spent back home with my in-laws, the girls snuck away for a shopping trip while the guys played in a golf outing. The main reason for the trip was to check out Charming Charlie to find accessories for the wedding of one of my sister-in-laws.  My other sister-in-law and I get to be bridesmaids, so we wanted to find jewelry that would go well with our dresses. Charming Charlie had an additional 50% off all clearance and I couldn't help but take advantage of some really great deals in addition to our accessories for the wedding (the wedding accessories were bought for us as presents, so not in the budget). 

The Target trip was a weak moment for me - I needed to buy more of my favorite facial towelettes, the Yes to Tomatoes line of products, and my grocery store doesn't carry them. I'm guessing I could find somewhere other than Target to buy them, but I'll admit that I never turn down an excuse to go. At least I found some deals, and the blouse and sandals will get plenty of use I'm sure.

The leggings from Giant Eagle were such a random find. I've found good great finds in some unexpected places before - a perfect example being my black blazer and maxi dress from Sam's Club - but I was just wandering around the cosmetics while waiting on a prescription and came across them. I liked that they're thicker than the pair I have from Target, and they've got some Spanx-like make up to them to help smooth things out. The medium was within my size range, but after taking them home and trying them on, they felt tighter than what I was comfortable with. That's probably the point, but I still went back and bought the large instead and those feel much better. I still have both pairs, and need to try the size medium pair on again to help me decide if I should keep both to have options, or to return them. 

With a trip to San Francisco coming up soon and 3 more weddings before the end of the year (one of which is is Jamaica and still needs to be paid for), I need to be really careful about spending money on anything, so we'll see how I do! How did your budget hold up this month? Linking up with Fran...


  1. Love the turquoise necklace from Charming Charlie! That store is trouble, so I try not to go in there too often. I love when the clearance is an additional % off!

  2. I haven't linked up with Fran or posted my purchases since May. I have gone out of control with Shopping/Spending, this Summer. I knew my trip to USA would be expensive, for this reason also. I am happy to see you got so many great things and spent under 70 bucks. I love the 2 Necklaces & the Olive Green Blouse from Target. I also commend you for adding new leggings to your wardrobe. To me they are a basic piece and I can never ever get enough out of wearing them. =)