Monday, November 30, 2015


top: Sam's Club, blazer & pants: Target, boots: Kohl's, scarf: Discount Fashion Warehouse

Happy Monday! Monday’s are typically a bit of a drag, but I’m coming off the weekend thankful that we had the opportunity to spend quality time with both sides of our family, and after some rough nights of Jacob sleeping poorly while we were gone and constant whining this morning, I’m also feeling thankful for daycare and my full time job. ;) But don’t worry, I have a hunch that feeling will disappear the moment I walk in the door after work and he rushes my way because he’s excited to see me after us being separated for 10 hours today.

Keeping it simple today, and sharing this look from about a month ago when the fall leaves were in full effect and we were having the perfect fall weather. This outfit was great for a Saturday morning short presentation I did to a class of students new to the university I work for. It being a weekend, I was confident I could’ve gone casual and still felt that I was dressed appropriately, but this look was just as comfortable as jeans and a top would’ve been. Skinny pants, booties, and an oversized scarf to feel a little bit stylish and trendy, and a blazer to up the professional factor.

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