Monday, January 9, 2012

I Thrifted Again...

blazer & scarf: thrifted, jeans: Gap forever ago

Am I alone in thinking that it's strange to have a huge store with a ton of clothes....and no fitting room?  The thrift store I visited today had nowhere to try on clothes.  Unless I fall in love with them and am familiar with how that specific brand fits me, there's no way I would want to pay even $3 for pants I couldn't try on first.  They did however have a bunch of mirrors so I was able to try on this really cute navy blue Pendleton blazer.  I've heard of the brand and thought it looked like a nice jacket from the label.  My hunch was confirmed when I went home and looked at their website and found all of their blazers currently on sale, but still over $100.  My price?  $2.25 plus the matching scarf for only another $2.25.  I should've been dancing the whole way to my car...

By the way, I realize it's not a great picture.  However, it was either this or ask my husband to take a picture of my outfit and this is how that went the last time I asked. :)

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