Monday, January 30, 2012

Go Bucks!

hoodie: bought at SBX bookstore in 1995 (?)

I feel like Amanda gets it: it's fun to be a sports fan!  My husband and I are huge OSU Buckeye fans and got to go to the basketball game against Michigan this past weekend.  My game day "fashion" advice? Never part with any of your favorite team's hoodies, rediscover them 10 years later while at your parents house one weekend, then continue to wear them until they fall apart.  At least that's what I do...

That may not be quality advice, but I promise never to try to talk you into wearing these:

pants: Homage $30
That's right...OSU students are bringing back the zubaz pants!  I'd say they should have followed my advice and saved their $30, but this trend (does it have to spread outside of campus limits before being considered a trend again?) goes so far back that they'd have to raid their parents closest!  No matter what you wear, the best part of sports?  The celebratory margaritas after a win of course.

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