Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What, are you a cowboy now?

shirt: thrifted, pants: New York & Co.

necklace: Francesca's, shoes: Target

I've decided that to add a little humor, I'll start including some of the comments my husband has about my outfits from time to time.  The way I look at it, the more funny comments he makes, the more I'm stepping outside of my usual style.  This is good!  Now please don't think my husband is a complete ass when I share his thoughts!  I believe that he fell for me partly because I'm so low maintenance and spend most of my down time in sweats and a hoodie, so fashion/style isn't really what he's used to from me.  This morning while we were getting ready for work my husband's comment was "What, are you a cowboy now?"  In my defense, he saw me while I was still getting ready, before adding one of my favorite necklaces and the heels.

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