Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today i went thrifting again and found 2 more watches to add to my collection.  Of course they both need new batteries, but I figured this was no big deal and bought them anyway.  What I failed to consider is that getting a watch battery changed is expensive...especially when you go home and realize that now 4 of your 9 watches need a new one.  At $12.99 per battery change, I decided to only have the battery changed on my favorite watch.  I tried looking online for cheap battery changes, but then said screw that and looked up how to do it myself!  I found this link that seems like it will be helpful: trying to pry off the back with the smallest screwdriver I could find, I decided that wouldn't work.  I'm hoping my screwdriver from my eye glasses kit will be perfect, but of course I left it on my desk at work, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to try. 

Part of the obsession, I mean collection...
Bonus of realizing the size of my watch collection:  I found a new way to store them!  I used one of the glass vases from our wedding decorations to put them in.  My husband has been threatening to donate them all, but I have a strange emotional attachment to every single one.  I'm determined to spread them throughout the house without him noticing. :) 

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