Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jacob: 18 Months

18 months
I started drafting this post when Jacob turned 18 months, and to probably nobody’s surprise by the time I’m getting around to posting it he’s already 19 months. Either way, here we are having survived the first year and a half so I wanted to share a little bit about what he’s like since we’re at an age where his personality and his strong will are developing quickly! So here we go, 18 things I’m loving lately about my 18 (now 19) month old:

1. Twirls his hair when he’s sleepy, and even grabs my hair to twirl too when we’re laying together at bedtime.

2. Has told me “I lub you” once – heart melted!

3. If he wakes up early enough, goes running to the couch if he sees his dad getting a bowl of cereal for breakfast and makes him share.

4. Loves to be outside.
5. Will put his dirty clothes in his laundry hamper if I ask him too.

6. Is obsessed with puppies so it’s probably disappointing to him that we don’t have one.

7. Doesn’t like to leave the house without a toy car in each hand.

8. Gives us “kissies” when we ask him to.

9. Is always on the go.

10. Likes to help me with laundry because I let him hit the buttons on the washer and dryer.

11. Tries to sing “Toooodles” back at Mickey when he watches cartoons.

12. Charlie Brown Christmas will calm him down immediately and will never be deleted from our dvr.

13. Runs at me with his arms wide open and then wraps me up close for a hug.

14. Although I don’t always find it so cute if I’m ready for bed, he’ll wiggle down from our bed and take off running loops through the upstairs bedrooms while laughing like crazy.

15. Can do the hand motions to the Itsy Bitsy Spider if you sing it to him.

16. Is really attached to his mother. ;)

17. Loves to climb onto things, most recently the coffee table which was equal parts funny and terrifying the first time we caught him hanging out on top of it!

18. Gets really excited and points and shouts anytime he sees a car drive by or happens to notice an airplane fly by. 

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