Monday, June 20, 2016

Looking for Balance

edited - balance
shirt: thrifted / blazer & shoes: Target / shoes: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Express brand)

Let me tell you, there’s nothing that stops the standing in front of my closet wondering what in the heck to wear faster than a toddler standing at my feet demanding to be picked up and held. On this particular day I was feeling like my options were limited, but that’s probably because I’m behind on laundry and half my closet may be either in the dirty laundry hamper or clean and piled up beside the drying rack. ;) I had bought this blouse back when I knew I was pregnant but was in that stage where you want everything to be a little forgiving because you haven’t told your co-workers you’re pregnant yet and didn’t want a growing belly to be obvious. It has the perfect amount of swing to it and the style feels pretty light and flowy, especially with the almost embroidered detail. Looking for a little balance, I went for more structure with a striped blazer. The ponte blazer style from Target has been my favorite – you get the structure of a blazer but so comfortable that I’ve never felt constricted the way a blazer can sometimes make you feel!

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