Thursday, September 4, 2014


August 2014


gray cropped chinos $32.50
tan skinny jeans $37.50
olive cargo pants $40.00


white tee (not pictured) $8.48
blush booties $10.48
black converse $17.48
black maternity tee $22.99
gray tee (not pictured, but seen here) $9.98
purple maternity tee (not pictured) $11.88
olive tee $8.98

Sam's Club

green blazer $19.99


track pants (not pictured) $13.88

Another month with more dollars spent than probably should've been, but I feel like most purchases made his month were necessary for actually having options that fit me in the home stretch of my pregnancy. I'm very thankful to have had a very normal pregnancy so far with no issues, but even so I think it's been hard getting bigger and bigger and still trying to dress with a sense of personal style. It was easier when I could regularly still use some tops or dresses from my closet that are non-maternity to supplement my options, but my belly has gotten to a size where those non-maternity options are beginning to dwindle. 

Because of this, I expect that the battle of finding the balance between buying too much and maintaining enough options that I still look forward to getting dressed each day to be even harder these last two months. My excuse for the non-maternity purchases made this month? Basics with a forgiving fit that I'm hopeful will serve me well as I settle back into whatever my post baby body may be later this year. And the shoes - come on...would you have passed up those bargains?! :)

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  1. Oh man, that has to be so tricky! I hope you can continue to feel like your style is shining through as you grow! I'm still in love with that green blazer. I would like to steal it!

  2. I love that blazer! I think you've been doing a great job of buying maternity basics and still finding fun and interesting ways to wear them.

  3. Yes, that describes the third trimester pretty well to me - figuring out what works and still looks ok style wise! Thankfully we're getting into the fall months where layers will be your friend! And of course you have to buy shoes! Shoes were the best thing when I was pregnant, my feet didn't change, so it was like, this is something I can buy that fits me now and will still fit me after!

  4. As if there aren't enough challenges that come with pregnancy, having to get new clothes and not get too many must be so difficult! I think you got some great deals this month!

  5. You got some great pants last month but you are right I love the 2 pairs of shoes and wouldn't have passed them up either. This Spring I purchased a similar green blazer too and I love it. You did great. =)