Monday, September 15, 2014

Feeling Good

photo 2 (14)

dress: Target (maternity)
blazer: Target
belt: thrifted
shoes: Target

This may truly be my favorite maternity outfit so far. While I've been really drawn to flowy, layered looks, I also think pregnancy is the perfect time to flaunt a belly by wearing more fitted clothing. When else is it good to draw attention to some extra cushion in your mid-section? :)

But truly - stripes and a belt? I was seriously highlighting this baby and loving every compliment I received because when you feel really big and completely lacking control of what your body looks like, it definitely puts a smile on your face to hear some kind words about your appearance. Kind people make the world a happy place! :)


  1. I never thought of it that way, but pregnancy IS the right time to call attention to your belly. It's like, hey people, I've got a human being inside of me! ... so much more acceptable (and less awkward) than calling attention to your belly because you ate too much at lunch.

  2. Yes! I sometimes would feel like I needed to hide my belly and then realized, I shouldn't be hiding this, I should be proud of it! I would feel good in outfits that actually highlighted it more! You looks so cute, this dress is absolutely adorable!

  3. And looking good! I absolutely love this outfit and agree with your sentiments about wearing more fitted clothes over a pregnant belly!

  4. During my pregnancies was the only time I truly felt comfortable wearing form-fitting clothing!! I love this outfit, too! You look amazing!

  5. you do look amazing, jess! i love everything about this outfit, in fact i want to replicate it with a striped dress i have that i haven't worn nearly enough. thank you for the inspiration!