Thursday, September 11, 2014

That Dress Again

photo 1 (15)

dress: Target
jean jacket: Old Navy (super old!)
booties: Target
bracelet: souvenir from Jamaica

Are you guys sick of this dress yet? Thankfully I'm not! This outfit was perfect for a baby shower that I went to last weekend - even my sister-in-law and niece had the same idea and showed up in dresses and jean jackets too. Great minds think alike! After the shower I headed to the expo for the race my husband was competing in the next day (read all about that here if you haven't already) and all I had to do was switch the booties out for my black converse sneakers and I was good to go to walk around. I may love those sneakers even more than I love this dress!


  1. Heehee I think I wore the same sweater dresses alllll the time when I was pregnant!! Gotta love jean jackets!

  2. I don't think you can ever get sick of a little black dress, especially when it looks that cute on you!

  3. A black dress is perfect - pregnant or not pregnant! Especially with a cute jean jacket!!

    PS - I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World bloggers award on my blog today :)

  4. I'm definitely not sick of this dress! I think you look more stunning than most people I see in their average work attire. That bracelet is really pretty too!

  5. You look fantastic! The black dress and jean jacket are a great combo.

  6. I'll never get sick of a pretty black dress like this!! I love how it looks with the jean jacket as well!! You're so pretty, Jess!!

  7. Definitely a great dress, timeless and classic. Love the wash of your denim jacket, also. And your new booties I am in love with. The bracelet adds just a pop of bright color. Great outfit for a shower. I love wearing my denim jackets over Dresses. They particularly look good with either a Black Dress or a Floral one.

    So nice catching up with you Jess. Welcome by sometimes. I miss hearing from you. I hope you are doing very good because you look great, also. =)