Wednesday, September 24, 2014

White Pants & Tunic

photo 1 (17)

tunic: Meijer
tee: Target
pants: Target (maternity)
boots: Target

It's pretty clear I think that most of us in the blogging community pretty much disregard the whole no white after Labor Day rule. I'm especially ignoring that rule this year since these white maternity pants have been a heavy favorite of mine and there is no way I'm giving up any pair of pants that actually fits me before I have this baby!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might've seen that this tunic paired with leggings and Converse was a new weekend favorite. Once you find a favorite, you just don't let it go so this was how I switched the look to be a little more work appropriate (we have a pretty laid back office and some days all my appointments are phone appointments anyway, so that helps!). Breaking out the booties was a good way to begin the shift into fall, but keeping the white pants to slow down that transition just enough. :) 


  1. You look so fabulous. I love these pants on you, and they are perfect with the other muted neutrals.

  2. Yes, white pants all the way! If I had a pair I'd be wearing them too! I love these with the neutral colored tunic you're wearing!

  3. Yeah I've been totally wearing my white after labor day too. This is a great outfit. I adore these booties!

  4. I too wear white after Labor Day. Your white pants look lovely with the light-gray sweater. You are so chic while dressing up that bump. =)