Wednesday, September 3, 2014


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In my new journal, random thoughts and ideas for the blog. Here's hoping I actually keep using it...I'm kind of notorious for buying a pretty journal with big ambitions for it, then letting it sit unused somewhere either at home or at work.


The arrival of our little nugget this fall of course. So much to learn, but slowly starting to feel like we'll actually be capable of being good parents. I'm starting to focus on the more practical preparations, but it sure has been fun to see his nursery begin to come together!


I'm thankful to say nothing really comes to mind - I'm feeling pretty content these days!


The pretty limited amount of my wardrobe that still fits! This black dress has been a constant favorite though - did you catch my post highlighting two of my favorite ways I've worn it?


No specific type of food lately, actually it's been quite the opposite and nothing particular ever sounds all that great. But fall weather - that's what I'm currently craving! College football starting this past weekend felt like the kick off to fall, but just waiting for the weather to catch up. (A photo from tailgating last year with my brother - football season it going to be a much different experience this year!)

Linking up with Anne again today (and Jenna!), but this time for the "Currently" series...


  1. Ha, I'm the same way with journals, though I always wish I were better. That IS a pretty one. Love the dress too and how you've remixed it - I had a similar simple one that was a major pregnancy staple. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love that you're missing nothing!!!

  3. That's such a nice feeling to not be missing anything! Also nice to not have any huge cravings! I am craving fall weather too, I will agree with you on that!

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy! What a blessing. I love that black dress and cardigan! Perfect!

  5. Hmm google just ate up my comment.

    I was saying that I am happy for everything good you got going. I know you will make good parents. I hope you put that journal to good use. Last but not least have fun with the wardrobe capsule and good luck with the closet clean-out. Doing well thus far. I too am remixing my closet all this month and doing another 30 for 30 challenge. =)