Monday, April 27, 2015

10 Things: Week 2

10 things week 2

It's more than past time for another update with the 10 Things challenge Sarah is heading up this month. I jumped in a little late so I'll still have at least another post to share. I planned for these posts to happen each Friday and since it's Monday night, you know that clearly I failed at that. Last week we started trying to get Jacob used to his crib, which is not an easy task. Each night got a little better, but that in combination with a busy work week left me exhausted. Thankfully Saturday was a rainy, lazy day and after the 5:30am wake up call form him that morning he went back to sleep until about 8 and so did I. Such a great feeling! After a slow paced day then some fun yesterday, we're feeling relatively rested up and kind of ready to take on this week. About as ready as I usually am anyway. :)

These olive pants have always been a favorite of mine that I constantly reach for throughout the week. Is it a bad thing that those and my black jeggings (which are actually not an item I picked for the challenge) are just on constant rotation throughout the week? I haven't even bothered to break out the dress pants to see what fits again!

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  1. Good luck with the crib transitioning, I know that can be tough! Hang in there! I used to be able to count on Jona to sleep in a little on weekends (well, not when he was tiny), but now it's pretty much 6:30 on the dot. Yay for that :/
    Anyway, love these looks--the striped cardigan is such a great piece for layering and I also love that olive tunic. I need more of that color I think.