Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Impossible


dress: Target
sweater: thrifted
boots: Target
necklace: Target

I think one of my challenges to blogging the past few months is not just finding the time and energy, but also has to do with how I look each day. If I'm going to take outfit pictures, I want it to be on a day that I have an outfit on that I feel great in, I prefer to have my hair done, and at least a minimal amount of make up to prevent me from looking scary. But in reality, having a cute outfit, hair done, and make up on has just been this rare, if not impossible feat lately.

So I'm going to try to lighten up a bit. Like this day, when I at least had an outfit on I really liked, but I've got my hair twisted back in the bun that takes me 5 seconds to do because I was already running late this morning when I remembered that my gas light was on and I needed to get gas before even being able to go to daycare to drop off Jacob. No make up either because it's been in my purse for at least a week with the thought being that I would throw some on at my desk, but then I get to work and I'm far too concerned about getting some food in my mouth for breakfast and that second cup of coffee to really be bothered with it. This is me, and this is my reality right now!

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  1. That dress is so cute! And you look fantastic! You share a similar mentality to me whenever I prepare to do pics or film video. It HAS to be on a day when I've got a good hair day :)

  2. i appreciate seeing looks that are true to reality because what you described here is probably what most of us go through on a daily basis! i personally think you look great - i love the look of the shift dress and tall boots, jess!

  3. Thanks Heidi! As much as I would love to have the time and energy to do my hair and make up each day, it's just not going to happen. :)

  4. Thanks Katie! And you bring up a good point...not only do I typically want my hair to be done for outfit pictures, I want it to be a good hair day too! :)

  5. I'm glad you're showing your real life and how your hair really looked, etc. I feel like the blog world can use more of that. That's real life--as much as we'd love to all have time to get perfectly primped each day (and then take perfect pictures too) that just doesn't happen. I think you look great--I love this outfit too, glad you shared it!

  6. Thanks Shea!! Some days there's just not the extra energy and I feel happy enough just even managing to grab some pictures. :)