Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Essentials: Weekend


If you're back after checking out yesterday's post linked up with Anne and Shea to show off my work week spring essentials, welcome back! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check it out here. :) While my work week wardrobe can be a little on the casual side, my weekend wardrobe is about as casual as it gets without resorting to yoga pants. As a nursing mom to a 5 month old, comfort and layering is key. So here's the spring essentials for the weekend, when being a mom always comes first...

Distressed Denim
I've been a big fan of distressed denim lately. This is pretty close to my favorite pair, although thankfully I find them for only about $14 thanks to my love affair with Discount Fashion Warehouse. Side note - if you live in the Columbus area and appreciate a good bargain you really should check the place out. You have to check for damages, but in my opinion it's totally worth it. If I had the budget to spend more than $14 on a pair of pants though, these would be first on my list to try!

I've fallen a bit into what I call my mom uniform on the weekend and I'll admit I'm not mad about it! Converse are the key to that uniform...our baby boy even has a matching pair! I wouldn't mind having a ton of different colors, but for now my black pair has been my go to. 

Black T-shirt
A black loose fitting tshirt. So simple, yet so necessary because when your weekends lovingly involve changing diapers and spending time up and down from the floor playing with your baby and likely end in at least a little bit of spit up, drool, or (and?) snot on you....easily washable and comfortable are the way to go. The one I'm wearing is a maternity shirt from Target that I still wear constantly. No shame in my game. :) I can't even find them online anymore, but if I could I would seriously think about buying more even though I have no plans to get pregnant again anytime soon. This option was my favorite and is so gloriously stretchy I could still wear it at the end of my pregnancy. These tees were a previous favorite and I really want to try this one.

 Neutral Jacket
Olive may be my new favorite neutral. This olive jacket gets a reasonable amount of use during the work week too, but on the weekend it's a perfect option to throw on over my favorite tee when we leave the house. This favorite was an $8 find when a local Kohl's closed their store and it's been in my closet for years. You can find a similar style here or here

Cross-Body Purse
My new favorite purse isn't pictured here only because I was absent minded and completely forgot to throw it on before taking pictures. For the weekend, a larger cross body purse replaces the tote bag. Hands free and big enough to fit my stuff plus a few diapers, wipes, pacifiers, a receiving blanket, and a change of clothes. You know, all the things necessary for an outing that includes a 5 month old! This dark teal bag (even though the website calls it blue) has been my go to for the past few months and I plan on using it all through spring as well. It's even on clearance now! If a classic color is more your style, this one would be my pick. For a brighter option for spring, I'd pick up this one in a heartbeat! 


  1. I think these are great weekend essentials! I'm with you on the Converse train--I just bought a white pair but I've had lots of different colors (and mostly wore them out!). I remember how challenging it was to dress for nursing (or pumping, in my case), but you look really cute and comfy!

  2. Love this look too! I was surprised how much I loved distressed jeans when I finally got a pair last fall - I love how they add a little interest to an outfit.

  3. I love the neutral jacket! And Converse shoes just look so darn cool - but I don't think I'm cool enough to have a pair. You rock them, especially paired with the denim!

  4. i really like this look, jess - it seems to be the perfect formula for a put together weekend look! i have been considering getting a pair of converse myself for a casual weekend shoe option!

  5. I love the white pair! Although I do love all the fun colors, a classic white pair are definitely on my list to buy at some point. And yes, so tough to take ease of nursing or pumping into account. Work is easier because I can throw all modesty out the window if I need to as I'm locked away in the mother's room, but weekends require easy access. :)

  6. Thanks Anne! The only downside I've found to distressed jeans is that it eliminates a favorite from the casual Friday options for work. :) But perfect for the weekend!

  7. Thanks Katie! There's so many cute alternatives to Converse too if you don't think those would work for you. I wouldn't mind upping my cute/comfy flats game though too as an alternative!

  8. Thanks Heidi! I definitely recommend a pair of Converse. I'm always looking for the cheapest option when adding something to my closet, so the pairs I've bought have been the ones that Target carries and I buy them when they're on sale. I don't think I've paid more than $20 for a pair. I know you share my love of Target and you're a pro at scoring a good deal there! :)

  9. you know, i thought target still sold converse and was going to lookfor them there but i feel like they don't anymore as the shelves where i used to find them are filled with like, the sam & libby brand? i'm not even sure - i've tried to avoid the shoe aisles at target lately :) but i'll have to take another peak to know for sure!

  10. Now that you say that, I do remember a time that they were harder to find. Maybe some stores don't carry them anymore! I can't for the life of me remember when I even bought this pair but I'm thinking maybe it was last summer. Definitely was just luck that I found them and couldn't bring myself to leave them behind, which is a big reason I've also been avoiding the shoe aisle (and actually Target altogether) lately! :)

  11. i hear ya on that! i have a lot of casual tennis shoes right now so maybe if i come across a pair of converse great, if not that's okay for right now too :)