Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Essentials: Work Week


Linking up today with Anne and Shea to talk about some of the pieces I consider spring essentials. When I started thinking about the items that I consistently gravitate to in the spring, I realized that those items can be very different depending on if it's during the work week or if it's the weekend. So lucky you, you get two versions of this post. :) Today I'm highlighting my work week essentials, and then come back tomorrow to check out my weekend essentials if you're so inclined.

Large Tote Bag
A large tote bag with room to throw in my wallet, Chapstick, pumping supplies(I'm a nursing momma, working full time), and food each day is essential. Bonus points if it's in a fun color. An affordable neutral option here if that's more your style, but I would love to add this bold one to my options, or one of these in every color please although I'm really feeling the gray one. 

Black Skinny Jeans
I'm a firm believer that not every work environment supports wearing what are essentially black skinny jeans, but thankfully I can get away with it and they are in heavy rotation week to week. I've settled into a schedule where each spring I buy this pair. I find them at a local discount store and would probably cringe if I had to pay full price (I'm so cheap!) but have this black pair in ankle length and love them for their price point because I think they're pretty consistently on sale and for their fit because I had to go down a size in them. Who doesn't love that feeling? I don't care if it's a lie. :)

A Bright Blazer
I find blazers to be the perfect layer in the spring and even better - they dress up those black skinny jeans I always wear. A classic black blazer is an item I couldn't live with out but when spring hits I love a good blazer in a vibrant color. Not sure if a bright color is for you? I have this one too and think it's a great way to switch things up with a pattern while still keeping classic colors.

Nude Flats
Nude flats of the pointy toed variety are my favorite for how versatile they are. They pair well with dresses, skirts, long pants, ankle pants...really with just about anything. If you don't already have a pair, do yourself a favor and go get yourself some. This pair looks like the perfect simple pair, while these are perfect if you like a bow detail


  1. Such a great outfit! Love the bright blazer to jazz things up for spring, and I'm way into nude flats right now. Thanks for linking up - loved seeing your workwear take on this prompt.

  2. Thanks Anne!! I've been wearing this pair of flats so much that they might need replaced soon. Love how they go with anything. :)

  3. While some things overlap, I totally agree that some of my work essentials are different from my weekend essentials, so great idea to split them up. I love how the blazer and bag add such fun color to this look! Going to have to check out your bag picks...I'm in the market for a new one to tote my life around :)
    Thanks for linking up!