Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jacob: 5 Months


I'm back...I hope! Priorities have clearly shifted and the first couple of months back to work were really exhausting. I'm finally able (most nights!) to stay awake past 8pm and Jacob is on enough of a schedule now at night that I'm actually finding myself with a very small amount of free time. 

So for my first post in ages we're going with a post about how 5 months old has treated us. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that we have a 5 month old...feeling a little bit of sadness about it, but I also feel like these next few months ahead of us will be when even more of the fun starts!

Nicknames: Buddy and sweetie pea still. Also realizing I throw lovey in the mix quite a bit. Oh! And I've heard his 6 year old cousin call him Jakey a few times and just think that's the cutest thing ever.

Weight/Height: Our efforts to measure him show that he's somewhere around 26.5 inches and that he's 17.2 pounds. I think we're finally leveling out on the growth and are somewhere around the 75th percentiles for both now. 

Things we can't live without: Pacifiers and white noise are still on the list. The rock n play is also his favorite thing to sleep in. I'm trying to be better about putting him in his crib but most nights he fights it but will pass out mid cry the second I put him in that thing so it's really hard not to!

Things he likes: When I give him loud obnoxious kisses on his cheek, smiles from his daddy, kicking the walls of his activity mat to make everything shake.

Things he dislikes: When I stop him from scratching his head while he eats or when he's sleepy. I have to stay on top of cutting and filing that kids' nails or he will tear the heck out of his head!

Favorite characteristics: How easy going he is. He didn't feel well one night and screamed when I tried to put him in his crib and it startled me because I had forgotten just how loud babies can be. So yeah, he has his moments but for the most part he is a laid back smiley (until momma tries to take a picture at least) little dude and for that I'm incredibly grateful.

Milestones: Rolling over and grasping at toys have been the two biggest milestones this month. So fun to watch him figure his little hands out! 

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  1. oh, what a sweet little baby boy! so happy to read an update from you jess and to hear how things have been going! that picture of the two of you in the mirror is too cute!