Tuesday, February 23, 2016


blush edited
tee, cardigan, pants: Target / boots: Kohl's / scarf: World Market

Blush is one of those colors that I used to love and wear pretty frequently back before my closet shifted to what I think now is a lot of grays, blacks, and tans. Every time I would wear it I would gravitate toward a more feminine and light look I guess you could say and my go to pairing would be with something gray. I still love that combination, but wanted to get a little more creative so after browsing through my closet settled on this navy cardigan that I’ve owned for longer than I can remember and I have to say I like it! Have you tried any color combinations with blush lately that you’ve really loved? Below is my default gray to fall back on, but then a couple of other combinations I think will be next on the list to try.

IMG_1004IMG_1006 IMG_1005

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