Monday, February 22, 2016

My Kind of Saturday Morning

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My son has not been the best sleeper, and when I see other women who had their first child near when I had Jacob already pregnant with their second, I swear this lack of good sleep (good being the key word here) is the main reason that has us seriously considering staying just a family of 3. But I really think it could be worse. Recently he’s been on a streak where he’ll go to bed sometime between 7:30 and 8:00pm and then wake up around 3:30 or 4:00am and he’s really hard to get back to sleep.

A few weekends ago, on Saturday he made it until 5:45am before waking up and doing the routine of fighting sleep. Will you question my sanity if I tell you that I didn’t mind it? Although I would love to sleep in for once, I was as rested as I ever am and by the time I got him back to sleep an hour later I knew my husband would be occupied with his long workout soon and that I would be left alone to not have to share my breakfast, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and have control of the remote. ;)

Although I love our family time together, this kind of time is glorious isn’t it? The only problem is that when it happens I get that sense of urgency to do the things I want or need to do. Hurry! Do the dishes because if you do it while he’s awake he tries to climb into the dishwasher and you’ll be annoyed that you didn’t do it if you wait until later, watch my show on the DVR, eat breakfast, you should probably shower so your hair can actually be done for once a weekend, maybe write a blog post, put some more energy into the never ending de-cluttering project. And then that sense of hurry, hurry, hurry because he could wake up any minute kind of sabotages my ability to just chill the hell out and enjoy myself.

So I’m working on it, starting with writing a post while watching my show (because motherhood has been such a huge lesson in multitasking, am I right?) and adding a little bit of Bailey’s in that cup of coffee, and then being really excited to see his happy face waiting for me at the edge of his crib.

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