Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Learning to Let Go

jacob running

For me, and I'm going to assume for most moms out there, the entrance into motherhood started out with a whole lot of physical pain. But it doesn't take long for the emotional pain to take its' place. Exhaustion and emotional messes triggered left and right. Frustration every time you hit a trying time that you don't know how to resolve - is it teeth, is it belly pain, is he hungry?! It's a good thing they've got those cute faces, the giggles, and those great bear hugs they give to constantly remind you that this is worth it and the best (although the hardest too!) decision you've ever made.

I thought I had mastered those emotions and while they're still tough, I know I can hang. But motherhood just threw me another one of those famous curve balls recently - realizing that we're reaching the point where I am not the absolute center of every second of every day in my sons' life. You guys, this has been really hard for me!

Up until now I've been his go to person, the one he cries and goes to when he's upset and the one he clings to so many nights the second I walk through the door after work. The tides are changing though, with "daddy" seeming like it might be the new favorite word around here, and the one he loves to run off and find every morning. It's hard to make myself let go a little bit, but thank goodness he always comes running back to me at some point!

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