Monday, February 15, 2016

Getting it Together

jeans edited
shirt: Target, sweater: Old Navy, jeans: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Express brand), boots: Kohl's, necklace: The Jones Market

I’m linking up today with Anne and Jenn for their #momstyleremix (you know, only almost a week late), talking about how jeans work for me as a mom. I read Anne’s post and what she said about jeans and a sweater being just as easy to put on as a sweatshirt and yoga pants completely resonated with me. For the longest time I had no shame and would regularly leave the house on the weekends in either yoga pants or sweatpants. I attribute part of that to some weight gain I had that left me not feeling as comfortable in jeans, but that’s potentially a conversation for a different day. Thankfully I’ve lost that extra weight and am back to feeling much more comfortable in my skin, and since then I’ve found that it is just as easy to reach for jeans and a sweater (chunky cardigans are currently my personal fav) and the result is feeling much more like a momma who maybe has her life together just a bit. ;) 

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